Shady, tree-lined Brewers has decent snorkeling and a more tranquil scene than you'll find at nearby Cane Garden Bay – possibly because getting here involves a brake-smoking drive down steep switchbacks. Nicole's Beach Bar (open 10am to 10pm) has restrooms, rents chairs and snorkels (no fixed price; bargain hard), and offers food and drinks. All other establishments here were destroyed by the 2017 hurricanes and hadn't returned at research time.

Brewers gets moderately crowded with families if a cruise ship is in; otherwise it's blissfully empty.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Tortola attractions

1. Cane Garden Bay

1.09 MILES

Cane Garden Bay is probably on the postcard that drew you to the British Virgin Islands. The gently sloping crescent of sand hosts plenty of beachside…

2. Callwood Rum Distillery

1.28 MILES

Just off the North Coast Rd at the west end of Cane Garden Bay, this is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the Eastern Caribbean. The…

3. JR O’Neal Botanic Gardens

1.95 MILES

These elegantly dilapidated 4-acre gardens provide a shady refuge from Road Town’s hullabaloo and heat. Benches are set amid indigenous and exotic…

4. Sage Mountain National Park

1.97 MILES

At 1716ft, Sage Mountain rises higher than any other peak in the Virgin Islands. Seven trails crisscross the surrounding 92-acre park, including the main…

5. Methodist Church

2.12 MILES

Flanking the north side of the prison, this working Methodist house of worship dates from 1924. It’s a fine example of classic West Indian timber-framed…

6. 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum

2.15 MILES

There are no bells and whistles here, but if you're keen to take time and read about the area's history, this museum in an old sugar mill is a worthy stop…

7. HMS Prison

2.17 MILES

Located at the heart of Main St, these stark, white rubble walls date to the 18th century and mark the oldest building in Road Town. The prison sits empty…