Museu do Futebol

São Paulo

Tucked under the bleachers of colorfully art deco Pacaembu Stadium, this fantastic museum is devoted to Brazil’s greatest passion – football (soccer). Its multimedia displays over two floors manage to evoke the thrill of watching a championship game, even for nonfans.

Highlights toy with your emotions, from the exuberant roar of the torcida (cheering section) to the somber 1950 FIFA World Cup video room, which feels like a funeral when Brazil gives up the championship-winning goal to Uruguay with 11 minutes left on the clock. Catch bus 917M-10 (Morro Grande) from Av Dr Arnaldo 500 outside Metrô Clínicas and get off in front of Pão de Açúcar grocery store on Av Pacaembu.

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