Mosteiro São Bento

Top choice in São Paulo

Among the city’s oldest and most important churches, São Bento dates to 1598, though its neo-Gothic facade dates only to the early 20th century. Step inside the church to view its impressive stained glass. Mass (7am weekdays, 6am on Saturday and 10am Sunday) includes Gregorian chanting.

There's a legendary, culturally rich brunch of monk and top chef delicacies – including prosecco! – on the second and last Sunday of each month; booking required well in advance (R$220 per person; reservations at The in-house bakery (7am to 6pm Monday to Friday; items R$7 to R$35) is also a real treat, with highly sought after breads, cakes, pastries, biscuits and jams made by the monks from centuries-old recipes.