Ars Aevi

Gallery in Sarajevo

Many of the works in this thought-provoking contemporary art gallery were collected as donations for Bosnia after the 1990s conflict. They're displayed in a factory-esque interior of metal ducts and polished chipboard within the lumpy Skenderija Centar. A forbidding chain and padlock across the entry door are part of the art and do not necessarily mean the gallery is closed.

Highlights of the collection include a blue velvet vortex by Anish Kapoor (1996) and Marina Abramović's faintly sickening video installation Cleaning the Mirror, along with several other works offering direct or indirect references to siege-era suffering.

While you're at Skenderija, look downstairs where there are two other imaginative contemporary art galleries – Collegium Artisticum and Charlama, hidden away in the southeast corner of this miserabalist 1980s subterranean shopping centre.