Central Post Office


This glorious 1913 Succession-style building has a particularly memorable interior with a glass ceiling, brass counter-grilles and striking chandeliers. It suffered a major fire during the war and was restored and reopened in 2001.

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1. Academy of Fine Arts

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Originally built in 1899 as an evangelical church, this riverfront academy resembles a mini version of Budapest's magnificent national parliament building…

2. Festina Lente

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The 2012 Festina Lente footbridge crosses the Miljacka River with an Escher-esque 'loop-the-loop' in its centre. The name means 'Hurry Slowly', an…

3. Art Gallery of BiH

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Many of the works in this thought-provoking contemporary art gallery were collected as donations for Bosnia during the 1990s conflict. The collection…

7. Sacred Heart Cathedral

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