Ljubljanska Banka Tower


Of several ruined structures remaining around Španski trg, perhaps the most disturbing is the triangular multistorey skeleton of what was once a bank building, infamously used during the 1990s conflict as a snipers' vantage point. Access is blocked, but that hasn't deterred some imaginative graffiti artists.

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1. Španski trg

0.06 MILES

In the early 1990s, Croat and Bosniak forces bombarded each other into the rubble across a front line that ran along the Bulevar. Even now, several shell…

2. Trg Musala

0.26 MILES

Trg Musala was once the heart of Austro-Hungarian Mostar. Today the square is a messy mishmash of architectural styles around a fountain garden. While the…

3. Bišćevića Ćošak

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Built in 1635, this is one of Mostar's very few traditional Ottoman houses to retain its original appearance, albeit now with trinkets for sale and a…

4. Karadjoz-bey Mosque

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Mostar's biggest and, some might say, most beautiful mosque was built in 1557. Heavily damaged during the war, it has since been completely renovated with…

5. Mostar Peace Bell Tower

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While some might ponder whether this disproportionately large church bell tower (along with the whopping great cross on the hill above) speaks more of…

6. Partisan Memorial Cemetery

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Although this cemetery is sadly neglected and badly vandalised, fans of 20th-century socialist architecture should seek out this magnificent memorial…

7. Muslibegović House

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Ring the bell to be ushered into this walled Ottoman courtyard house, built in the late 17th century and extended in 1871. Its main function today is as…

8. Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

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Entered from a gated courtyard, this 1618 mosque (substantially rebuilt after the war) has a dome painted with botanical motifs and punctuated by coloured…