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Pathfinders spotlight: Ivan Valor, Ace Coolture

Ivan and Lula at Sidemen rice fields, Bali © Ivan Valor

In our latest Pathfinders spotlight, we chat to Ivan Valor, blogger at acecoolture.wordpress.com and Instagrammer extraordinaire. We like Ivan's clear passion for travel, and knack for taking decent 'in the moment' travel shots.

Tell us about your blog!

When I first started my blog, I had a look at the jungle of blogs and saw where I would find my niche. I realised that most travel blogs talk about their own recommendations based on the amazing landscapes, a travel budget or just a good photo spot.

For me, travelling is about discovering new cultures, or as I say, cool cultures. This is what keeps me travelling all over the world. Culture is the heritage of a community that has been developing for years and we are here to appreciate all that.

Ivan enjoys an Hawaiian vista © Ivan Valor Ivan enjoys an Hawaiian vista © Ivan Valor

Describe your travel style in three words…

Adventure, nature and culture.

Top three places you’ve visited?

Kauai, Bali, Cuba.

Which destinations are on your travel list for 2018?

Bali (just been!), Madagascar, Boston, Colombia, Peru, Sao Paulo, Morocco and the Philippines.

Ivan taking a risk for a photo in Cienfuegos, Cuba © Ivan Valor Ivan taking a risk for a photo in Cienfuegos, Cuba © Ivan Valor

What is your most unforgettable travel memory?

I guess I could mention a few, but the one I will never forget is when we found an abandoned cenote in Mexico and we decided to swim in those blue waters on our own. The feeling of adventure and freedom we had and the uniqueness of the spot was incredible. I had to write a TripAdvisor review on it as it wasn’t in the cenote list.

Why do you love travel blogging?

As an adventurer and explorer, I have in mind many movies I watched when I was a kid, like Indiana Jones, Hook and many others. To write about the places I’ve been is almost like if I was writing about Indie’s last adventure (I also take unnecessary risks, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend...). I guess I love writing a travel blog because I’m passionate about my adventures.

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