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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from July 2017

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In July’s collection of inspirational Instagrams from our Pathfinders, we’re venturing to four different continents for five very different travel experiences. From the steamy bustle of Kathmandu’s streets in monsoon season to the majestic vistas of alpine Italy, it’s time to pack up your camera and head for the hills.

Kathmandu, Nepal

‘We didn't have high hopes for travelling through Nepal in July. July is the peak of the monsoon season, plagued by heavy rains and endless clouds. Though the days were often dreary and grey, the rains lent a magical quality to the evenings as warm streetlights and car headlamps reflected off the wet walkways and large puddles all around the narrow alleys of Kathmandu’. – Alex and Sebastian, @lostwithpurpose.

Why we like it: This candid snap is a real treat for the eyes. The damp floor bathed in the glow of streetlights immediately conveys that familiarly evocative, post-rain atmosphere, while the focal rickshaw driver is framed by electrical cables and phone wires above. The image’s rich, musty colours really pack a punch too.

Merida, Mexico

‘A large summer storm has just passed over the city to reveal a stunning sunset that sets the sky on fire!’ – Tommo and Megsy, @foodfuntravel.rocks.

Why we like it: With its dreamy sunset hue set against the hard surfaces and wire tangles of Merida’s backstreets, this shot is pure drama. Images like this only occur in those rare moments when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, and beauty is found in the most unexpected of places – that’s what travel is all about, right?

Delhi, India

‘What is it about pigeons and monuments that makes for such a romantic picture? Jama Masjid at dusk…an inimitable symbol of Delhi’s heritage.’ – Punita Malhotra, @100cobbledroads. Why we like it: The unique aesthetic of India’s capital city must have been photographed from almost every angle over the years, but this snap proves that there are always new perspectives to be found. From the ornate sweeps of Jama Masjid to the patchwork colours of Delhi’s streets below, this frame captures its blend of old and new effortlessly.

New South Wales, Australia

‘The second most photographed bridge in Australia is the Sea Cliff bridge, built to replace the cliff road which was at risk on constant rockslides.’ – Evie and Emmie, @mumpacktravel.

Why we like it: Highways are hardly the most obvious sources of inspiration, but this beautifully lit shot of New South Wales’ Sea Cliff Bridge shows that the open road can be well worth looking at in a new light. Particularly when it happens to be snaking around one of the planet’s most breathtaking coastlines.

Trento, Italy

‘While backpacking the Italian Alps with a tent, I spent a full morning climbing and hiking up to the peak of the 'Piccola Cir', and managed to capture this shot on the path that brought me upwards of 2500 metres. The view of the valley is breathtaking. I couldn't believe I had made my way up there from those tiny cottages. Happy and satisfied in the end.’ – Tommaso Alexitch, @spaghettiontheloose.

Why we like it: Italy has countless varied landscapes to offer, but its mountainous regions are usually overlooked in favour of the jaw-dropping coastlines and ancient cities. This capture showcases the stunning mountainscapes that northern Italy boasts, and makes us want to grab a bike and set off on that delicious, winding road...

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