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Flickr challenge: ‘Ten’ theme results

Our final challenge of the year is a special one, as today marks the 10th anniversary of the Flickr challenge community (originally established 21 December 2006), and we chose to commemorate the occasion with the challenge theme of ‘Ten’.

After a week of community voting on an amazingly varied collection of entries, the results are ready just in time for our birthday – let’s take a look!

This week's winner

Ochre - Kuba Abramowicz Ten fingers outstretched in Namibia © Kuba Abramowicz

Our anniversary challenge winner is Kuba Abramowicz with this richly coloured shot from the town of Opuwo – home to the Himba people, whose women use ochre to stain their skin a beautiful red. We love the close-up angle, allowing us to examine the subtle textures and the way the pigment mixture catches the light.

This week's runners-up

Futuro craque - rogeriobromfman Number 10 lines up for a winning shot in Brazil © rogeriobromfman

This is a great shot from rogeriobromfman, snapped at the Futuro Craque football training program in São Paulo. We like the simplicity of the capture, with its clean composition and perfect timing, and the bright yellow shirt makes it an excellent selection for the competition theme. As for the result, surely it must’ve been a goal?

Ten postures - ashokum2 Ten captivating dancers strike a pose in India © ashokum2

We really like the colours in this shot from a traditional Bharatanatyam dance performance at Jaganmohan Palace in Mysore, captured by ashokum2. The costumes and make up are quite remarkable, and we recommend zooming in for a closer look at the intricate poses and exaggerated facial expressions.

Xi'an, China - Square Lamb Photography Only 10¥ for a tasty offering in China © Square Lamb Photography

We love this photo from Square Lamb Photography’s trip to Xī'ān earlier this year, and we appreciate its playful take on the challenge theme. The timing is spot on and we really like the composition, placing an appetising row of skewers along the bottom of the frame to tempt us in… and at a bargain price, too!

乌海东山日出 Sunrise - Great Han Early ascent to view the sunrise across northern China © Great Han

Next is Great Han’s dramatic capture of sunrise over the landscape near Wuhai in Inner Mongolia. We like the warm golden tones of the morning light, and the way each receding layer of countryside seems gradually absorbed into the distant haze. What an amazing view – it definitely looks like a walk worth waking up for.

Machu 'Misty' Picchu - g e c k t r e k Iconic Incan ruins shrouded by mist in Peru © g e c k t r e k

This is a classic shot of Machu Picchu from g e c k t r e k. We like the fact that this image was captured ten years ago, making it charmingly apt for the challenge theme. The vibrant greens stand out wonderfully against the impressive Peruvian landscape, and the cloud fragments add a mysterious atmosphere.

Ten windows (five real, five reflections) - gornabanja Ten patches of Andalucían sunshine break the darkness © gornabanja

Our final runner up is gornabanja, with this striking grayscale shot from the Monasterio de la Rábida in southern Spain. The careful composition works to great effect, creating a natural vignette around the line of archways and the white arcs of light they cast on the stone floor. Simple, subtle and beautiful.

This week's staff pick

Ten White Stupas - Sayarma Ten bright stupas fill the frame in Myanmar © Sayarma

Sayarma is our pick this week, with a shot from Sagaing in 2001. We like how the pale stone reflects the sunshine, accentuating the carved textures and making it clear how beautiful the weather is (even in black and white!). Most of all, however, we love the vintage feel to the image – it makes us nostalgic for scrapbooks and old holiday snaps.

You can view the full collection on our leaderboard, and there’s an archive of all the amazing photography from the 2016 challenges available on our Flickr challenge page – simply scroll through the list to browse this year’s 45 themes.

Interested in getting involved? We’re taking a break from competitions until next year, but new members are always welcome – visit our community on Flickr for more info!