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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from May 2016

Sometimes our wanderlust takes us to energy filled festivals and crowded markets and sometimes we find ourselves rejuvenated by getting away to the solitude and quiet. This month’s Pathfinders inspired us with pensive images that make us inhale deeply and reflect on why we do what we do.

Every month we share the most eye-catching and interesting captures from our Pathfinders community. Here are our selections for May.

Harar, Ethiopia

‘While getting lost in the old town of Harar I met this woman. She was carrying a basket over her head in the streets, gave me a smile and then moved on. ’ - Max Leyerer, @maxaroundtheglobe. Why we like it: The colours, the texture and how the slightly curved and sunlit path leads our eyes to the woman carrying her basket. Everything melds together in this image and lets us enjoy the fleeting moment of passing a stranger while travelling in a foreign land.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

‘I took an early stroll around the Cathedral Quarter in Northern Ireland and stumbled upon this lovely little cobbled street. Although it was a grey day, the colourful lights, benches and plants brightened up the shot.’ - Hayley, @alovelyplanet.

Why we like it: The red benches, painted yellow lines and neatly aligned hanging baskets all beckon us to wander down this empty street. It piques our curiosity and allows us to explore this charming street before the regular crowds arrive.

Zoji Pass at 11,575 ft, Kashmir, India

‘I was able to hitchhike on a cargo truck where I was offered tea and local bread on an epic 16-hour ride crossing the Indian Himalayan mountain range from Kashmir to Ladakh.’ - João Leitão, @joaoleitaoviagens. Why we like it: It’s the treacherous jagged rocks juxtaposed with the majestic mountain; and the lone truck up ahead, safe somehow, by the camouflage of monochromatic browns that drew us to this image.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

‘We decided to rent a paddle boat to row around Lake Bled. A great thing to do while in Slovenia during spring.’ Natasha & Cameron, @theworldpursuit.

Why we like it: This is a breathtaking view which is perfectly symmetrical. All lines are directing us to the centre of the frame which pulls us forward toward the horizon, seeking the mountains and never wanting this trip to end.

Wiñay Wayna, Peru

‘Everyone has heard of Machu Picchu, but few know of the ruins of Wiñay Wayna which are only accessible if you walk the Inca Trail. I couldn't believe my eyes when we reached this archaeological site; they are equally as impressive as Machu Picchu except there isn't a single soul in sight! It was worth every step of the hike to get there.’ - Audrey Bergner Jeffery, @thatbackpacker.

Why we like it: Repetition, repetition, repetition and boy, that green. We love this image because it keeps our eyes moving up and down the steep steps, only pausing to contemplate the wonders of the neatly maintained stone structure that erupts out of the verdant jungle.

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