Archery Ground


After a visit to Paro's weekend market or Druk Choeding temple, it's well worth wandering down to this local archery ground to see if there's a traditional archery game on.

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1. Five Chortens

0.03 MILES

On the road at the foot of the Paro Dzong, beside the Ugyen Pelri Palace, are five square chortens that were built in memory of the first king of Bhutan,…

2. Druk Choeding

0.04 MILES

Also known as Tshongdoe Naktshang, the quiet and peaceful Druk Choeding is the town temple and an important historical site. It was built in 1525 by…

3. Paro Weekend Market


Paro's weekend market isn't very large but it has a traditional feel and is a fine introduction to some of Bhutan's unique local products, from organic…

4. Ugyen Pelri Palace

0.13 MILES

The secluded wooded compound of the Ugyen Pelri Palace, built by the Paro penlop Tshering Penjor in the early 1900s, is now a residence of the Queen…

5. Chhoeten Lhakhang

0.15 MILES

The tower-like Chhoeten Lhakhang is southeast of Paro's town square. The caretaker may allow you to visit the upstairs chapel, which features a central…

6. Six Chortens

0.17 MILES

This line of six chortens marks the entrance into Paro town.

7. Nyamai Zam

0.36 MILES

Below Paro Dzong, this traditional wooden covered bridge is a reconstruction of an older bridge, which was washed away in a flood in 1969. Earlier…

8. Paro Dzong

0.39 MILES

Paro Dzong ranks as a high point of Bhutanese architecture. The massive buttressed walls that tower over the town are visible throughout the valley,…