Lhakhang Nagpo

Buddhist Temple in Haa

A 10-minute walk or short drive behind the Lhakhang Kharpo is the grey-walled Lhakhang Nagpo (Black Chapel), one of the oldest temples in the Haa valley. It is said that when searching out auspicious locations for two new temples the Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo released one black pigeon and one white pigeon; the black pigeon landed here, the white one at Lhakhang Kharpo (White Chapel).

The inner shrine has an ancient statue of Jowo Sakyamuni wearing a lovely crown and jewels. The outer chapel houses a shrine to red-faced protector Drakdu Tsen beside a trapdoor that leads to the underground pool of a tshomen (mermaid spirit). In the grounds outside look for the clay representations of the valley's three sacred mountains.