Yangthong Goemba

Buddhist Monastery

in Around the Haa Valley

This monastery in the upper Haa valley is worth visiting, especially if you are heading on the Saga La trek. The charming upper chapels feature murals depicting Zangto Pelri (the paradise of Guru Rinpoche), while tshomen (mermaid deities) are said to inhabit the pool just outside the monastery.

About 5km from Haa, a side road branches right over the river past Yangthong village into the Talung valley. Just before you enter the valley you pass the App Chhundu Pang ceremonial ground, which until recently was used for annual yak sacrifices to the local deity App Chhundu.

At the Makha Zampa bridge a side road branches right 1.5km to Yangthong Goemba, up on the ridge. The bridge is one starting point for the two-day Saga La trek, which continues up the Talung valley, crossing the Saga La to reach Drukgyel Dzong the next day.

To get off the beaten track from Yangthong, head across the Makha Zampa bridge for 2km to Talung village and Tsenkha Goemba (signposted Changkha), or take the branch road left just before Talung village to curve around for 2km to Jamtey Goemba, a historic lobra (monastic school).