Val St-Lambert

The Ardennes

One of the world's best-known glassworks in the 19th and 20th centuries, Val St-Lambert has made lead-crystal masterpieces within this former monastery site since 1826. It was rescued from bankruptcy in 2014 and resold in July 2018, though its workforce has dwindled to barely a dozen and the site is now more conference centre than factory. But a fascinating showroom still sells the hand-crafted crystal, and there's a museum experience in the former abbot’s 1756 ‘chateau’ that gives much more background.

Here there's also a 20-minute film, a gallery and some extraordinary 'interactive' glass sculptures, plus a history of the craft. However, at the time of research, the former highlight – watching a traditional glass-blower at work – is not necessarily possible.

Access is by Huy-bound bus 9 from the Opera stop in central Liège or from Pl Kuborn in central Seraing. Alight at the Cristalleries stop.

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