Vlaamse Yachthaven

Belgian Coast

One of the largest marinas in northern Europe. Come here to gaze at the tall masts bobbing on the water, or to hook up with a skipper for local cruises, charters and, if you're a captain yourself, yacht hires.

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1. Navigo


Visits walk you through a genuine 19th-century fisherman’s cottage, teaching you about fish quotas and fishermen’s superstitions, then send you and your…

2. Sint-Niklaaskerk

3.27 MILES

Halfway between the village and coast, you'll find this extraordinary 1956 church whose bulky pale-brick tower has an almost medieval look, except for the…

3. St-Walburgakerk

5.94 MILES

Veurne’s main church is the delicately spired St-Walburgakerk, a spacious, heavily buttressed affair containing much-revered relics. The skull of St…

4. Spaans Paviljoen

5.94 MILES

The 15th-century Spaans Paviljoen (Spanish Pavilion) was Veurne’s town hall before being commandeered as a garrison for Spanish officers during Habsburg…

5. St-Niklaaskerk

5.94 MILES

Behind the Grote Markt’s southeast corner, St-Niklaaskerk has a bulky 13th-century tower that you can climb for good summer views, plus a small exhibit on…

6. Landhuis met Belfort

5.97 MILES

The 1628 octagonal belfort (belfry), a Unesco World Heritage site, rises behind the 17th-century former courthouse building. It now houses a helpful…

7. Atlantikwall Raversyde

6.01 MILES

The gripping Atlantikwall is a remarkably extensive complex of WWI and WWII bunkers, gun emplacements and linking brick tunnels created by occupying…

8. Anno 1465

6.01 MILES

Once a vibrant fishing village, Walraversijde disappeared entirely following the strife of 1600 to 1604, leaving mere foundations. Today the…