Behind the Grote Markt’s southeast corner, St-Niklaaskerk has a bulky 13th-century tower that you can climb for good summer views, plus a small exhibit on bell-ringing.

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1. Spaans Paviljoen

0.04 MILES

The 15th-century Spaans Paviljoen (Spanish Pavilion) was Veurne’s town hall before being commandeered as a garrison for Spanish officers during Habsburg…

2. Landhuis met Belfort

0.09 MILES

The 1628 octagonal belfort (belfry), a Unesco World Heritage site, rises behind the 17th-century former courthouse building. It now houses a helpful…

3. St-Walburgakerk


Veurne’s main church is the delicately spired St-Walburgakerk, a spacious, heavily buttressed affair containing much-revered relics. The skull of St…

4. Bakkerijmuseum

0.91 MILES

A classical 17th-century farmstead houses this delightful museum that comprehensively examines baking from grain production to speculaas (a type of…

5. Plopsaland

2.86 MILES

This cute popular theme park is based around Belgian TV character Plop the gnome and his friends. It's a kid-pleasing world of rides, roller coasters and…

6. Navigo


Visits walk you through a genuine 19th-century fisherman’s cottage, teaching you about fish quotas and fishermen’s superstitions, then send you and your…

7. Paul Delvaux Museum

3.27 MILES

This superb museum occupies the house and studio of Paul Delvaux (1897–1994), one of Belgium's most famous surrealist artists. What appears to be a…

8. Sint-Niklaaskerk

3.37 MILES

Halfway between the village and coast, you'll find this extraordinary 1956 church whose bulky pale-brick tower has an almost medieval look, except for the…