Cherry Tree Hill


A historic avenue lined with mahogany trees that leads from St Nicholas Abbey down to the Atlantic. The view from the top is spectacular.

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Nearby Barbados attractions

1. St Nicholas Abbey

0.33 MILES

St Nicholas Abbey is a Jacobean-style mansion that is one of the oldest plantation houses in the Caribbean and a must-see stop on any island itinerary…

2. Grenade Signal Station

0.79 MILES

Right across the car park from the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, and under the same management, you'll find a mahogany forest on a hillside that cloaks an…

3. Morgan Lewis Windmill

0.81 MILES

The largest complete windmill in the Caribbean, this impressive stone structure sits proud on a hilltop north of Belleplaine. It was used to grind…

4. Barbados Wildlife Reserve

0.81 MILES

Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a walk-through zoo opposite Farley Hill, with short paths that meander through a mahogany forest containing green monkeys and…

5. Farley Hill National Park

1.12 MILES

A tree-covered hillside set around the ruins of an old estate home. Climb to the top and sit on one of the benches in front of the pagoda for a fresh…

6. River Bay

3.26 MILES

You can drive right up to this beautiful little bay, where two rivers have come together to carve a way through low windswept cliffs to the Atlantic…

7. Heywoods Beach

4.09 MILES

One of the best strands on the west coast for day-trippers from elsewhere on the island, Heywoods Beach offers good parking, a location well off Hwy 1 and…

8. Arlington House

4.29 MILES

A radiant vision in white stucco, this 18th-century colonial house now has an engaging museum run with love by the National Trust. It's divided into…