Fəxri Xiyaban


Since 1948 this attractively tree-shaded graveyard has been set aside as the last resting place for Azerbaijan's foremost public figures. Many of the memorials are impressive works of statuary.

Former president Heydar Əliyev’s tomb, located here, is the first place that any dignitary is likely to be taken during an official visit to Baku.

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1. Flame Towers

0.31 MILES

Completed in 2012, this trio of sinuous blue-glass skyscrapers forms contemporary Baku's architectural signature. The three towers range from 28 to 33…

2. Şəhidlər Xiyabanı

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The most notable feature of the 'Highland Park' that stretches south from the Flame Towers is this sombre row of grave memorials – Bakuvian victims of the…

3. Nәriman Nәrimanov Statue

0.52 MILES

No, it's not Lenin. This truly gigantic Soviet-era statue actually honours Nәriman Nәrimanov, Azerbaijan's first communist-era leader.

4. State Art Museum

0.53 MILES

Housed in two century-old oil-boom mansions, Baku’s foremost collection of classical art ranges from 17th-century French landscapes to Meiji-era Japanese…

5. Funicular

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The snazzy little funicular whisks you up from near the restaurant Chinar to the Flame Towers area in just three minutes. Time between departures can vary…

6. İmam Hüseyn Mosque

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Overshadowed by vast new apartment towers, the fine İmam Hüseyn Mosque features some attractive Moorish and art nouveau stone-design elements. Opening…

7. Vahid Gardens

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An arched gateway in the Old City wall leads from İçerişəhər metro station to a pretty handkerchief of garden. It's dominated by the superbly imaginative…

8. Bahram Gur Statue

0.65 MILES

This powerful 1958 fountain-statue depicts a mythical Azerbaijani hero using a giant scimitar to slay a snake-like water-spewing 'dragon'. In a pool…