Fountains Square

Top choice in Baku

Ever-popular with strollers, this leafy piazza forms Central Baku’s natural focus. The fountains for which it is named include one topped by shiny silvered spheres giving fish-eye reflections of the trees and stone facades.

Don't miss the beautiful statue-inlayed facade of the Nizami Literature Museum, best photographed at night. And outside the large McDonald’s notice the bronze statue of a young lady with umbrella, bare midriff and mobile phone. Very Baku.

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2. Nizami Literature Museum

0.08 MILES

The greatest attraction of this museum for most visitors is the western facade of the building it inhabits: a fine early-20th-century structure with…

3. Nizami Statue

0.12 MILES

A fine statue of Azerbaijan's 12th-century 'Shakespeare' stands proud in the stepped gardens leading up from the Literature Museum that's named in his…

4. Historical Museum

0.17 MILES

Well-presented exhibits on Azerbaijan’s history and culture might miss the odd century here and there, but there’s more than enough to fill several hours…

5. Baku Khans' Palace

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The minimal remnants of what had once been the palace, bath-house and garden of Baku's 18th-century khans is to be rebuilt as a museum, with interactive…

7. Center of Contemporary Art

0.23 MILES

When active, this excellent commercial minigallery tends to highlight some of the city's more-interesting contemporary artistic trends. Check out their…

8. Ali Şamsi’s Studio

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Shoes walk across this gallery's fascinatingly off-beat front wall, whose centrepiece is a huge lion's face. Inside are paint splattered shirts and a…