At 252m, the Danube Tower in Donaupark is Vienna’s tallest structure. Its revolving restaurant at 170m, one of several spots to eat within the tower, allows fantastic panoramic views of the city and beyond – the food tends to be tried and trusted Viennese favourites.

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1. UNO-City

0.42 MILES

UNO-City, or Vienna International Centre as it is officially known, is home to a variety of international organisations, but mainly houses the UN’s third…

2. Würstelprater

1.69 MILES

No matter your age, you are forever 10 years old with money burning a hole in your pocket at the Würstelprater. Come summer, this funfair throngs with…

3. Madame Tussauds Vienna


This waxwork wonderland in the Würstelprater is a stage for a host of sculpted celebrities – Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp star among…

4. Riesenrad

1.74 MILES

Top of every Prater wish list is the Riesenrad – at least for anyone of an age to recall Orson Welles' cuckoo clock speech in British film noir The Third…

5. Prater

1.77 MILES

Spread across 60 sq km, central Vienna's biggest park comprises woodlands of poplar and chestnut, meadows and tree-lined boulevards, as well as children's…

6. Pratermuseum

1.81 MILES

Sharing the same building as the Planetarium, this municipal museum traces the history of the Würstelprater and its woodland neighbour. For all the life…

7. Planetarium

1.81 MILES

Austria's biggest planetarium is galaxies away from being its biggest draw. Vienna’s extraterrestrial and interstellar viewfinder is located on the edge…

8. Porzellanmuseum im Augarten

1.84 MILES

Restored to its former glory and reopened in 2011, this imperial pleasure palace harbours a new museum dedicated to exquisite Augarten porcelain. Founded…