No matter your age, you are forever 10 years old with money burning a hole in your pocket at the Würstelprater. Come summer, this funfair throngs with excitable tots and big kids, gorging on hot dogs and candyfloss and lugging around hoopla-won teddies. The fairground's 250 attractions reach from old-school ghost trains and merry-go-rounds to G-force, human-cannon-like rides.

Several white-knuckle additions have cranked up the fear factor, while the tamer Liliputbahn remains a family favourite.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Madame Tussauds Vienna

0.05 MILES

This waxwork wonderland in the Würstelprater is a stage for a host of sculpted celebrities – Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp star among…

2. Riesenrad

0.08 MILES

Top of every Prater wish list is the Riesenrad – at least for anyone of an age to recall Orson Welles' cuckoo clock speech in British film noir The Third…

3. Pratermuseum

0.14 MILES

Sharing the same building as the Planetarium, this municipal museum traces the history of the Würstelprater and its woodland neighbour. For all the life…

4. Planetarium

0.14 MILES

Austria's biggest planetarium is galaxies away from being its biggest draw. Vienna’s extraterrestrial and interstellar viewfinder is located on the edge…

5. Prater

0.16 MILES

Spread across 60 sq km, central Vienna's biggest park comprises woodlands of poplar and chestnut, meadows and tree-lined boulevards, as well as children's…

6. Johann Strauss Residence

0.47 MILES

Strauss the Younger called Praterstrasse 54 home from 1863 to 1878 and composed the waltz, ‘The Blue Danube’, under its high ceilings. Inside you’ll find…

7. KunstHausWien

0.48 MILES

The KunstHausWien, with its bulging ceramics, wonky surfaces, checkerboard facade, technicolor mosaic tilework and rooftop sprouting plants and trees,…

8. Hundertwasser Village

0.67 MILES

Created from an old Michelin factory, Hundertwasser Village bears the inimitable hallmark of the wacky Austrian artist of the same name. It contains…