Hundertwasser Village

Schloss Belvedere to the Canal

Created from an old Michelin factory, Hundertwasser Village bears the inimitable hallmark of the wacky Austrian artist of the same name. It contains overpriced cafes, souvenir shops and art shops, all in typical Hundertwasser fashion with colourful ceramics and a distinct absence of straight lines.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Schloss Belvedere to the Canal attractions

1. Hundertwasserhaus

0.04 MILES

This residential block of flats bears all the wackily creative hallmarks of Hundertwasser, Vienna’s radical architect and lover of uneven surfaces, with…

2. Fälschermuseum

0.05 MILES

Wow, a museum with Schiele, Raphael, Rembrandt and Marc Chagall paintings that nobody knows about? Well, that's because they are all fakes, though…

3. KunstHausWien

0.22 MILES

The KunstHausWien, with its bulging ceramics, wonky surfaces, checkerboard facade, technicolor mosaic tilework and rooftop sprouting plants and trees,…

4. Wittgensteinhaus

0.34 MILES

Designed by Paul Engelmann, a student of Adolf Loos, and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, this building has strict lines and a stepped design…

5. Planetarium

0.57 MILES

Austria's biggest planetarium is galaxies away from being its biggest draw. Vienna’s extraterrestrial and interstellar viewfinder is located on the edge…

6. Pratermuseum

0.57 MILES

Sharing the same building as the Planetarium, this municipal museum traces the history of the Würstelprater and its woodland neighbour. For all the life…

7. Museum für Angewandte Kunst

0.59 MILES

MAK is devoted to craftsmanship and art forms in everyday life. Each exhibition room showcases a different style, which includes Renaissance, baroque,…

8. Riesenrad

0.63 MILES

Top of every Prater wish list is the Riesenrad – at least for anyone of an age to recall Orson Welles' cuckoo clock speech in British film noir The Third…