Porzellanmuseum im Augarten

Prater & East of the Danube

Restored to its former glory and reopened in 2011, this imperial pleasure palace harbours a new museum dedicated to exquisite Augarten porcelain. Founded in 1718, Augarten is the second-oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe. An engaging chronological spin of the museum takes in lavish rococo creations, boldly coloured Biedermeier pieces, Spanish Riding School equestrian figures and the simpler porcelain fashionable in the 1950s: ceramics may never have got you so fired up!

One-hour tours of the premises are available at 2pm and 3pm on Saturdays, when you can learn about the process of turning white kaolin, feldspar and quartz into delicate creations through the process of moulding, casting, luting, glazing and painting. It's free to get a glimpse of some of Augarten's fabulously detailed creations in the shop, open during the regular opening hours. There is also a nice restaurant facing the adjoining park.

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