Burg Riegersburg


Perched on a 200m-high rocky outcrop and offering spectacular views over the countryside, this hugely impressive 12th-century castle was built for protection from invading Hungarians and Turks. Today it houses a Hexenmuseum on witchcraft, a Burgmuseum featuring the history of the Liechtenstein family, who acquired it in 1822, and an impressive collection of weapons in the Waffenmuseum.

A cable car on the north side whisks you up in 90 seconds (return €6).

As well as the museums, you will find a war memorial as a reminder of fierce fighting in 1945, when Germans occupying the castle were attacked by Russian troops. Two other attractions at the castle are falconry displays at the Greifvogelwarte (Birds of Prey Observatory), a Climbing Park and via ferratas leading up to the castle. See the website for prices and times.

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