Sky Space


This oval-shaped tower with a window to the sky is the brainchild of American artist James Turrell, whose work reveals an obsession with light and space.

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Nearby Salzburg attractions

1. Numbers in the Woods

Hidden in the trees atop wooded Mönchsberg, these 21 neon numbers are the handiwork of Italian artist Mario Merz, who created them in 2003. They glow…

2. Museum der Moderne

0.02 MILES

Straddling Mönchsberg’s cliffs, this contemporary glass-and-marble oblong of a gallery stands in stark contrast to the fortress, and shows first-rate…

3. Haus der Natur

0.06 MILES

Kids can bone up on dinosaurs and alpine crystals in Haus der Natur's natural history rooms, gawp at snakes and crocs in the reptile enclosure, and spot…

4. Spielzeugmuseum

0.11 MILES

On the arcaded Bürgerspitalplatz, the Spielzeugmuseum takes a nostalgic look at toys, with its collection of dolls' houses and Steiff teddies. There’s…

5. Mozart – Eine Hommage

0.13 MILES

Tucked away on Ursulinenplatz is Markus Lüpertz’ Mozart – Eine Hommage. This abstract sculpture shows the composer with one arm and a pigtail. What…

6. Sound of Music World Museum

0.13 MILES

If you're mad about The Sound of Music, this museum will appeal. It spills the beans on different aspects of the making of the movie, as well as providing…

7. Pferdeschwemme

0.16 MILES

Designed by Fischer von Erlach in 1693, this is a horse-lover’s delight, with rearing equine pin-ups surrounding Michael Bernhard Mandl’s statue of a…

8. Mozart's Geburtshaus

0.26 MILES

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg’s most famous son, was born in this bright-yellow town house in 1756, and spent the first 17 years of his life here…