The city’s 14th-century castle, with a square tower topped by a tapering red-tiled roof, harbours this museum, exhibiting 600 works of engraved painted glass, as well as local ceramics, crafts and folklore displays. Climb the 50m Bergfried tower for far-reaching views over Freistadt.

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1. Hauptplatz

0.09 MILES

Freistadt’s focal point is the elongated Hauptplatz, jammed between the old city walls. The square has some ornate buildings and a Gothic Stadtpfarrkirche…

3. Stadtmauern

0.25 MILES

Freistadt's Altstadt sits within its sturdy 14th-century city walls complete with gate towers such as the medieval Linzertor and skeletal Böhmertor, which…

4. Pfarrkirche St Wolfgang


In the pindrop-quiet village of Kefermarkt, this pilgrimage church’s main claim to fame is its breathtaking Gothic Flügelaltar (winged altar). A…

5. Peter Affenzeller Destillerie

8.39 MILES

Single, blended and grain whiskys, liqueurs, schnapps, vodka and gin are all distilled at Peter Affenzeller, 12km southwest of Kefermarkt. Go behind the…

6. Mural Harbour

16.45 MILES

Street art comes into its own on the graffiti-blasted industrial facades in Linz' harbourside Hafenviertel. You'll find eye-catching, larger-than-life…

7. Donaupark

17.08 MILES

Next to Lentos on the southern bank of the Danube is the Donaupark, the city’s green escape vault. Modern sculptures rise above the bushes in the well…

8. Landesgalerie

17.29 MILES

Housed in a sumptuous late-19th-century building, the Landesgalerie focuses on 20th- and 21st-century paintings, photography and installations. The…