The town square, host to a food and flower market on Wednesday and Saturday, is graced by the Rathaus, with an attractive arcaded courtyard; Kornmesserhaus (1499) brings together Gothic and some Renaissance features and was based on the design of a Venetian palace. Other historic highlights include the art-nouveau facade at No 10 and the fine Renaissance-style wrought-iron well created by Hans Prasser in 1626.

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Nearby Styria attractions

1. Pfarrkirche

0.09 MILES

This 15th-century Gothic church is on the way up to the castle ruins.

2. Schloss Landskron

0.21 MILES

Several paths wind up to this castle, where local nobility held court until fire ravaged it along with the rest of the town in 1792. The population helped…

3. Altes Rathaus

8.43 MILES

Leoben’s connection with the iron industry is seen in the curious town motif displayed on the Altes Rathaus facade, which shows an ostrich eating…

4. Hauptplatz

8.45 MILES

Dating from the 13th century, this long, rectangular square has an attractive Pestsäule (Plague Column; 1717). Many of the elegant facades lining the…

5. Hacklhaus

8.46 MILES

Hauptplatz is lined with elegant 17th-century facades, including Hacklhaus, Leoben's most important baroque building. It dates from 1660 and received its…

6. Pfarrkirche St Xaver

8.57 MILES

The simple exterior of this early baroque edifice, built in 1665 as a Jesuit church, belies a complex interior of white walls and black-and-gold baroque…

7. Kunsthalle

8.58 MILES

This space, part of the MuseumsCenter Leoben, stages excellent exhibitions that are held every two years over a period of about seven or eight months and…

8. MuseumsCenter Leoben

8.58 MILES

This is the cultural heart of Leoben. The complex has an interesting Schienen der Vergangenheit (Tracks of the Past) section telling the history of Leoben…