Gomboc Gallery

West Coast Australia

One of WA's better commercial galleries, surrounded by an intriguing sculpture park.

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1. Houghton

1.84 MILES

The Swan's oldest and best-known winery is surrounded by stroll-worthy grounds, including a jacaranda grove (check out the insanely purple blooms from…

2. Sandalford Wines

2.16 MILES

Sandalford is one of the oldest Swan Valley wineries (1840) and hosts high-society weddings and major concerts (Sting, Tom Jones, Lionel Richie) on its…

3. Woodbridge House


This glorious red-brick 1885 mansion overlooks the river a short drive east of town. Wrapped in wrought-iron verandahs and glowing russet-red in the WA…

4. Guildford Courthouse

3.96 MILES

Guildford's old courthouse (1866) operated until 1969, and now houses the visitor centre and some interesting historical displays. Oddly, the Aboriginal…

5. Taylor's Cottage

3.96 MILES

This two-room, sawn-timber cottage is in the grounds of the Guildford Courthouse, and is actually the oldest part of the Guildford Heritage Precinct (1863…

6. Guildford Gaol

3.96 MILES

This interesting red-brick heritage building is next door to the old Guildford Courthouse – both are part of the Guildford Heritage Precinct. The jail…

7. Whiteman Park

4.29 MILES

Located in Caversham in West Swan, at 26 sq km this is Perth's heftiest park – a marvellous grassy reserve with over 30km of walkways and bike paths, a…

8. John Forrest National Park

4.84 MILES

The 16-sq-km John Forrest National Park, 8km west of Mundaring, was WA's first national park (1900). Protected groves of jarrah and marri are scattered…