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Six kilometres west of Richmond on the road to Brighton (Middle Tea Tree Rd), ZooDoo has ‘safari bus’ rides, playgrounds, picnic areas and half of Dr Dolittle’s appointment book, including tigers, llamas, Tasmanian devils, wallabies and a particularly imperious peacock. Hungry white lions chow down at regularly scheduled intervals.

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1. Pooley Wines

3.53 MILES

In a lovely old two-storey Georgian sandstone house on the edge of town, Pooley has been doing good things with wine since 1985 (and on more recent Sunday…

2. Oak Lodge

3.63 MILES

One of Richmond’s oldest homes (c 1831), Oak Lodge is now owned by the National Trust and operated by the Coal River Historic Society. Inside is a museum…

3. Pooseum

3.65 MILES

This new science museum takes its scat seriously, with interactive displays on animal poo, from beaches made up entirely of parrotfish poo, to the work of…

5. Post Office


Richmond's stately old post office (1826) is now a frilly gift shop.

6. Courthouse

3.75 MILES

Richmond's 1825 courthouse, on the main street, functioned more recently (until 1993) as the local council chambers.

8. Richmond Bridge

3.78 MILES

This stately and shapely sandstone bridge, with its four arches, is the town’s proud centrepiece. The oldest road bridge in Australia, it was built by…