Richmond Bridge

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This stately and shapely sandstone bridge, with its four arches, is the town’s proud centrepiece. The oldest road bridge in Australia, it was built by convicts in 1823 and still funnels traffic across the Coal River. It’s purportedly haunted by the ‘Flagellator of Richmond’, George Grover, who was murdered here in 1832.

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1. Courthouse

0.14 MILES

Richmond's 1825 courthouse, on the main street, functioned more recently (until 1993) as the local council chambers.

3. Richmond Gaol Historic Site

0.19 MILES

The northern wing of the remarkably well-preserved jail was built in 1825, five years before the penitentiary at Port Arthur, making it Australia's oldest…

4. Post Office

0.28 MILES

Richmond's stately old post office (1826) is now a frilly gift shop.

6. St Luke’s Church of England

0.32 MILES

St Luke's Church of England (1834), down a side street off the main drag, has an impressively castellated tower (and excellent organ).

7. Pooseum

0.38 MILES

This new science museum takes its scat seriously, with interactive displays on animal poo, from beaches made up entirely of parrotfish poo, to the work of…

8. Oak Lodge

0.42 MILES

One of Richmond’s oldest homes (c 1831), Oak Lodge is now owned by the National Trust and operated by the Coal River Historic Society. Inside is a museum…