Lower Sandy Bay Beach


This sweet little beach is a decent spot for a stroll or a dip on a hot afternoon: swim out to the pontoon and warm up in the sun before re-entering the chilly brine. The Hobart Twilight Market happens nearby.

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Nearby Hobart attractions

1. Mt Nelson

1.03 MILES

The Old Signal Station atop Mt Nelson (352m) provides immaculate views over Hobart and the Derwent River estuary. The Mt Nelson semaphore station …

2. St George's Anglican Church

1.93 MILES

Designed by colonial architect John Lee Archer (with a tower designed by convict James Blackburn), this landmark 1838 church sits atop the highest bit of…

3. Battery Point

1.98 MILES

Tucked in behind Salamanca Pl, the old maritime village of Battery Point is a tight nest of lanes and 19th-century cottages. Spend an afternoon exploring:…

4. Narryna Heritage Museum

2.07 MILES

Fronted by a babbling fountain, this stately Greek-Revival sandstone mansion (pronounced ‘Narinna’) was built in 1837 by trader Captain Andrew Haig. Set…

5. Kelly’s Steps

2.11 MILES

A landmark (and very atmospheric) set of historic steps, knocked together from sandstone in 1840 to link Salamanca Pl with Battery Point, high on the…

6. Salamanca Arts Centre

2.14 MILES

The nonprofit Salamanca Arts Centre has been here since 1977 and occupies seven Salamanca warehouses. It's home to dozens of arts organisations and…

7. Salamanca Place

2.19 MILES

This picturesque row of three- and four-storey sandstone warehouses is a classic example of Australian colonial architecture. Dating back to the whaling…

8. Army Museum of Tasmania

2.29 MILES

The Anglesea Barracks were built adjacent to Battery Point in 1814. Still used by the army, this is the oldest military establishment in Australia. Inside…