Guide Falls Farm


Next to Guide Falls is this slightly scruffy farm with pigs, sheep, an alpaca, a deer, goats, peacocks and an emu. Young children will love the baby animal nursery and enjoy feeding the chicken and ducks (bring your own bread).

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1. Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden

6.79 MILES

There are over 22,000 rhododendrons in this serene garden 8km south of Burnie, all of which flower in riotous colour in spring. There are also walking…

2. Hellyers Road Distillery

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Take a stroll through the angel’s share at Australia's largest distillery; the tour is also the only way to get a tasting of Hellyers' cask-strength…

3. Fern Glade


Fern Glade is renowned as a top spot for platypus spotting at dawn and dusk. It’s east of the city centre: turn off the Bass Hwy on to Old Surrey Rd (C112…

4. Burnie Regional Museum

9.02 MILES

The centrepiece of this absorbing museum is the lovingly crafted Federation St, a re-creation of a 1900 Burnie streetscape, including blacksmith's forge…

6. Ransley Veteran Ford Collection

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Owned and meticulously restored by a Wynyard local, this extraordinary collection of 17 vintage Ford cars and motorbikes is the pride of the town, and…

7. Fossil Bluff

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Created by an ancient tidewater glacier, 275-million-year-old Fossil Bluff is rich in fossils, including the remains of prehistoric whales and the oldest…

8. Gunns Plains Cave

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Formed by an underground river that still flows, this cave is filled with magical limestone formations such as calcite shawls and flowstones, as well as…