Jubilee & Bicentennial Parks

Newtown & the Inner West

These two rolling, grassy parks merge together to offer some tasty views across Rozelle Bay, and of both the Anzac and Harbour Bridges. Massive fig and palm trees dot the lawns. A path leads from here along the shoreline to Blackwattle Bay, passing the Victorian Italianate Bellevue Cottage (1896) and a park built around the templelike ruins of an industrial incinerator.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Newtown & the Inner West attractions

1. Sze Yup Temple

0.16 MILES

This humble backstreet temple was opened in 1898 by immigrants from the Sze Yup area of China. It’s dedicated to 3rd-century folk hero Kwan Ti, whose…

2. Anzac Bridge

0.53 MILES

Completed in 1996, Sydney’s other eye-catching bridge spans Johnstons Bay, connecting Pyrmont and Rozelle. It’s the longest cable bridge in Australia …

3. Sydney Fish Market

0.86 MILES

This piscatorial precinct on Blackwattle Bay shifts around 15 million kilograms of seafood annually, and has retail outlets, restaurants, sushi and oyster…

4. University of Sydney

1.03 MILES

Australia’s oldest tertiary institution (1850) has around 50,000 students and boasts its own postcode. You don’t need a PhD to grab a free campus map and…

5. Nicholson Museum

1.06 MILES

Within the University of Sydney's quadrangle, this is a great under-the-radar attraction. Combining modern ideas with ancient artefacts, it's an…

6. Chau Chak Wing Museum

1.06 MILES

This new museum at the University of Sydney is scheduled to open in mid-2020. It will combine the three former university museums and greatly expand the…

7. Star Casino

1.09 MILES

The Star, Sydney's first casino complex, includes hotels, high-profile restaurants, bars, a nightclub, a good food court and a light rail station – plus…

8. Hampton Villa

1.14 MILES

Balmain’s hibiscus-scattered streets contain dozens of historically significant buildings, most of which are privately owned. The most notable is this…