Western Australian Museum – Perth

Museum in Perth

Image by Andrew Watson Getty Images

The state's museum is a six-headed beast, with branches in Albany, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie as well as two in Fremantle. This main branch in Northbridge is closed for renovation and is due to reopen as the renamed New Museum for WA in 2020. See online for details of the project, including concept plans. While the museum is closed, key exhibits are being displayed as pop-ups at other venues around town – see 'Museum Offsite' on the website.

One of the Northbridge location's most interesting exhibits is currently on loan to the Maritime Museum in Fremantle. Set in its own preservative bath, Megamouth is a curious-looking species of shark with a soft, rounded head. Only about five of these benign creatures have ever been found; this one beached itself near Mandurah, south of Perth.