Nature Boardwalk

South Coast NSW

Following the estuary for 1.7km, the boardwalk is a pleasant stroll past mangroves, oyster farms and melaleucas. You'll spot seabirds, scuttling crabs and glowering fishermen.

The starting point and car park are right next to the northern end of Merimbula Bridge.

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1. Merimbula Aquarium


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2. Panboola

3.33 MILES

An admirable community project has protected 77 hectares of wetlands for native bird species. The well-managed realm of mangroves and salt marshes is…

3. Potoroo Palace

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Warmly run Potoroo Palace, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary, has a menagerie including echidnas, dingoes, koalas and native birds. Keepers have an…

4. Bournda National Park

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5. Killer Whale Museum

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6. Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre

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8. Whale Lookout

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Between late September and late November, a good spot to look for whales is at the scenic lookout south of the wharf. This can also save you the time and…