Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Top choice historic site in Sandy Bay & South Hobart

Enshrined by Unesco as a World Heritage Historic Site, this was where Hobart’s female convicts were incarcerated and put to work. Rather amazingly, one in four convicts transported to Van Diemen’s Land was a woman. You can explore the site under your own steam – it's a hauntingly spare sequence of courtyards and interpretive installations. Or to better understand the site (which looked very different back in the early 1800s), take a guided tour or the excellent 'Her Story' dramatisation. To get here by public transport, take bus 446, 447 or 449.

Combined guided and 'Her Story' tour tickets are also available (adult/child/family $30/20/85), starting with an 11am guided tour followed by 'Her Story' at noon.