In the city's northeast corner, behind Mt Ainslie, Mt Majura (888m) offers wonderful views from the lookout at its summit and splendid bushwalking opportunities. The Casuarina Trail (departing from Antill St in Dickson) is a lovely two-hour (3.8km) walk that tramps through the bush and along the ridge. See the website for a map.

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Nearby Canberra attractions

1. Mt Ainslie

2.62 MILES

Northeast of the city, 843m-high Mt Ainslie has excellent views day and night. At the top, plaques explain what the Canberra basin looked like before the…

2. Australian War Memorial

3.52 MILES

Canberra's glorious art-deco war memorial is a highlight in a city filled with interesting architecture. Built to commemorate 'the war to end all wars',…

3. Glebe Park

3.98 MILES

This spacious green park is filled with leafy elm trees that turn a lovely golden yellow in autumn. There's a playground for kids and lots of paved paths…

4. Canberra Museum & Art Gallery

4.14 MILES

This local museum is worth it for the Sidney Nolan paintings alone – 141 works, including canvases from his Ned Kelly series and Burke and Wills…

5. Drill Hall Gallery

4.23 MILES

The Australian National University's main gallery displays specials exhibitions and items from the ANU's art collection. On permanent display is the…

6. Blundell's Cottage

4.43 MILES

This small workers cottage was built in 1860 from local stone and is the oldest surviving building of its kind in Canberra. When it was built, the cottage…

7. Nerang Pool

4.47 MILES

This lovely pool is a serene spot in Commonwealth Park, with an abundance of bird life and some beautiful landscaped gardens.

8. Australian Institute of Sport

4.53 MILES

The country's elite and aspiring athletes hone their sporting prowess at the AIS. Visitors can take 90-minute guided tours of the facilities, led by…