This lovely pool is a serene spot in Commonwealth Park, with an abundance of bird life and some beautiful landscaped gardens.

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1. National Capital Exhibition

0.18 MILES

This small but fascinating museum tells the story of how Canberra came to be Australia's capital. Displays include reproductions of the drawings entered…

2. Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet

0.32 MILES

Built in 1970 to mark the bicentenary of British explorer James Cook's landfall, this memorial near Regatta Point consists of a 6-tonne column of water…

3. Lake Burley Griffin

0.38 MILES

Every morning you'll see politicians running off the night before around this majestic lake and perhaps a few journos hot on their trail. This constructed…

4. Australian of the Year Walk

0.48 MILES

The signs along this stretch of pathway pay tribute to those selected annually as Australian of the Year, Senior Australian of the Year, Young Australian…

5. Blundell's Cottage

0.49 MILES

This small workers cottage was built in 1860 from local stone and is the oldest surviving building of its kind in Canberra. When it was built, the cottage…

7. Glebe Park

0.56 MILES

This spacious green park is filled with leafy elm trees that turn a lovely golden yellow in autumn. There's a playground for kids and lots of paved paths…

8. National Library of Australia

0.56 MILES

This institution has accumulated more than 10 million items since being established in 1901 and has digitised more than nine billion files. You can pop by…