It's that time of the week, where we ask our worldly Lonely Planet editors what's making travel news in their corners of the globe.

Beavers from space. Set in remote Northern Alberta, where Canada's rockies and prairies meet, Wooden Buffalo National Park is quietly getting attention for a very serious housing project: a beaver dam the size, reportedly, of seven football pitches - making it visible from the moon. Canada's national parks are getting ready for their centennial in 2011, but this site is unlikely to be on the main tourist radar, or even possible to visit, for a while.  - Robert Reid, US travel editor

Beijing's traffic jam continues. Why it's better to walk (cycle, fly, insert any mode of transport) than drive in Beijing right now. Asia-Pacific travel editor Shawn Low explains. Meanwhile, things are no better in Moscow.

Don't call it Bognor; do enjoy the sea views. When images of the traditional British seaside come to mind, the name Bognor Regis is never far away. With pier, shingle beach and the gently lapping English Channel - La Manche as the French call it - it is the very epitome of coastal gentility. The West Sussex town added the suffix 'Regis' in July, 1929 after King George V stayed nearby when coalescing from illness, denoting a kind of royal patronage.

Now the town, understandably proud of this historical tie to the Royal Family, has made it known to the world that it is not pleased at the town's name being shortened to either 'Bognor' or 'Regis'. In fact, it has described the practice as 'rude'. Whether you're after somewhere a mite quieter than Brighton for some fish and chips and a bracing seaside stroll, you could do worse than aim for Bognor Regis - on royal approval. - Tom Hall, UK travel editor

And in more travel news from other places:

The top US cities for bedbug infestations. Where not to sleep, as per a report by pest control firm Terminix. Ohio has 4 of the top 15 cities. - Gadling

First hot air balloon with glass bottom. If it's good enough for boats, it's good enough for hot air balloons. Do look down. - Gridskipper

The destruction of Spain's coasts. By 2030, could Spain's entire coastline be damaged/affected by human activity? - Notes from Spain

Fight for the view of the Empire State Building. Will a rival building block the icon's views? - AOL

World's greatest public bathrooms. Loos with views and more. - AOL

Hendrix's London pad open until November - Gridskipper

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