The volunteer mailman Of Hallig Suederoog

Hallig Suederoog Islet has a population of three and is located in the North Sea about six kilometers from Pellworm near the coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Knud Knudsen, 63, makes the trek two to three times a week by walking across the mudflats at low tide. Knudsen is just using an ordinary compass to navigate and, for emergency reasons, he carries his mobile phone, nothing more. Knudsen, born on Pellworm, works at the local coast guard and volunteers as the postman for Hallig Suederoog, his father was a lighthouse guard on the neighbouring island of Amrum. "I am going to retire in two years from my regular job, but I will continue as a volunteer mailman. I just love being in the mudflats, listen to the screams of the birds and just to enjoy the peace during my walks,"  Knudsen said.

All photos by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

The volunteer mailman Of Hallig Suederoog

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