Belize has many of the key ingredients needed for a quality family holiday in that this pint-sized country offers diverse and accessible travel experiences for an affordable price in a safe environment. But the best reasons for families to visit Belize are the same as for everybody else: wildlife encounters, action and adventure, and plenty of fun in the sun.

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Animal encounters

The vast network of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Belize provides a safe haven for wildlife that delights animal-lovers of all ages. However, animals and birds are elusive, and children do not usually have the patience or endurance to find them – unless you know exactly where to look.

The Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) is a grassroots conservation operation that occupies about 20 square miles, spread over several Creole villages in the Belize River Valley. It is all private property, but the landowners have pledged to preserve the habitat of the endangered black howler monkey (which Belizeans call “baboons”). The result has been an impressive increase in the primate's local population, which now roam freely around the surrounding area. From the CBS visitor center in Bermudian Landing, local village guides lead short nature walks that provide an up-close introduction to a resident troop of black howlers. The monkeys are wild, but they are accustomed to visitors, and more importantly, the guides know where they hang out, so kids can see the monkeys howling it up in their natural habitat.

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A black howler monkey calls to neighbors in Belize © cicloco / Shutterstock

To see other species of indigenous animals, visit the Belize Zoo. This unique 29-acre facility provides a home for animals that have been orphaned, injured or rescued from captivity. Kids get to look at wildlife that is unlikely to be spotted elsewhere, including big cats like jaguars and ocelots, as well as the Belizean national animal, Baird's tapir. The bonus is that the zoo is relatively porous, meaning that alongside the resident wildlife, you will also come across creatures that have come in from the surrounding jungle, such as agoutis, iguanas, snakes, squirrels and jungle birds of all sorts.

Action and adventure

Travelers visit Belize to explore mysterious Maya ruins, lush jungle trails and deep, dark caves. This might not sound exactly like a family vacation, but actually, nobody loves action and adventure more than kids. Most of the country's adventure tours and activities can easily accommodate children and teenagers, though they are generally not appropriate for toddlers and babies.

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The private jungle lodge at the Caves Branch Adventure Company is set on 90 square miles of adventure wonderland ( Visitors can go horse riding, cave tubing, jungle walking and river kayaking, and guides are specially trained to make sure that the tours are safe and engaging for travelers of all ages. The on-site accommodations are also perfect for families: kids love to sleep in the tree house suites or bathe in the exotic outdoor showers. Best of all, children under nine stay and play for free.

Sun and sea

Thanks to its 240 miles of coastline, Belize is the perfect place to pursue all kinds of saltwater activities, many of which will also thrill children. Older kids and teens might enjoy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, and children as young as five or six can go snorkeling and spy on the creatures that inhabit the coral reef.

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A young boy snorkels in the Caribbean waters off the coast of Belize © Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

An ideal base for a sun and sea holiday is Ak'bol Yoga Retreat and Eco Resort on the north island of Ambergris Caye. The rustic retreat is about two miles north of San Pedro, the country's biggest seaside resort town, providing easy access to all of the aforementioned water sports. Ak'bol is designed with families in mind, with a swimming pool and play area on the delightful grounds. The Kids' Clubhouse offers hours of entertainment, including children's yoga classes, nature walks and other activities specifically for little people. At the end of the day, families can retire to eco-chic thatch-roof cabanas, with a cozy loft space providing the perfect place for kids to sleep.

This article was originally published in February 2012 and was updated in June 2017.

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