Archivo del Ejército

San Telmo

Built in 1881, this building was where Argentinian money was minted until 1944. It now contains military archives.

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1. El Zanjón de Granados

0.04 MILES

This amazing urban architectural site is a must for travelers interested in the city's history. A series of old tunnels, sewers and cisterns (built from…

2. Mercado de San Telmo

0.21 MILES

Occupying an entire city block, this striking marketplace was built in 1897 by Juan Antonio Buschiazzo, the Italian-born Argentine architect who designed…

3. Facultad de Ingeniería

0.21 MILES

This neoclassical building is the engineering school for the Universidad de Buenos Aires. It was originally built for the Fundación Eva Perón and is an…

5. Plaza Dorrego

0.29 MILES

After Plaza de Mayo, Plaza Dorrego is the city’s oldest plaza. Dating back to the 18th century, it was originally a pit stop for caravans bringing…

6. Feria de San Telmo

0.29 MILES

On Sundays, San Telmo’s main drag is closed to traffic and the street is a sea of both locals and tourists browsing craft stalls, waiting at vendors’…

7. Museo Etnográfico Juan B Ambrosetti

0.33 MILES

This worthwhile anthropological museum was created as an institute for research and university training – and as an educational center for the public. On…

8. Pasaje de la Defensa

0.36 MILES

Originally built for the Ezeiza family in around 1880, this building later became a conventillo (tenement house) that was home to dozens of families…