Tierra Santa

Amusement Park in Belgrano, Nuñez & the Costanera Norte

This wonderfully tacky 'Holy Land' theme park is roughly based on Jerusalem. Though many people who visit are devout Catholics, others go for the kitschy spectacle of the animatronic dioramas of Adam and Eve and the Last Supper among others; photo opportunities abound. Tierra Santa's pièce de résistance is a giant Jesus rising from a fake mountain – aka the resurrection – every half-hour.

Head straight to the manger scene, where colorful lights and minimally animatronic figures swoon over baby Jesus. Better yet is the creation of the world, which features real rushing waters and life-size fake animals. From here it's a 30-second walk to witness the 12m-tall animatronic Jesus rise from the Calvary mound, open his eyes and finally turn his palms toward the emotional devoted below. Missed the show? Don't fret: another resurrection is just around the corner.

The park isn’t just for Christians – there are reproductions of the Wailing Wall, along with a synagogue and a mosque. So regardless of religious affiliation, enjoy nibbling on a shawarma or take in an Arabic dancing show.