Museo Casa de Yrurtia

Belgrano, Nuñez & the Costanera Norte

Reclusive Rogelio Yrurtia (1879–1950), best known for his sculpture Canto al Trabajo on Plazoleta Olazábal in San Telmo, designed this neocolonial residence. The home is full of Yrurtia's work – which focuses on human torsos – and works by his wife, painter Lía Correa Morales. Some pieces are so huge they're almost oppressive in the small rooms housing them. There are also pieces by Yrurtia's teacher and father-in-law, Lucio Correa Morales. The museum is currently closed for renovations.

A small and attractive garden contains a larger-than-life-size statue of boxers titled Grupo Combate de Box, first exhibited at the St Louis World's Fair of 1904. Also noteworthy is Yrurtia's eclectic furniture collection, which includes pieces from Japan, the Middle East and India. And keep a lookout for Picasso's Rue Cortot, Paris.

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