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After a decade of political ruin, violence and economic disaster, finally some good news is coming out of Zimbabwe – tourism is back. Visitors are returning in numbers not seen since the turmoil began, to spot the Big Five strut their stuff around spectacular parks, discover World Heritage–listed archaeological sites and stand in awe of the natural wonder of the world, Victoria Falls. ... Read More

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Kruger, Falls & Zimbabwe

When it comes to raw, in-your-face wildness, Southern Africa can’t be topped. This trip offers a fully immersive, unyieldingly authentic experience of the natural and cultural wonders of this incredible region. In Zimbabwe’s Matobo National Park, you’ll track rhinos on foot and the resident wildlife on an open-vehicle game drive, capture the Big Five (with your camera, of course) in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, and witness the unique traditional dances of the Shangaan people. This isn’t a taste of Africa; it’s a full-course meal – with seconds.

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Southern Africa Encompassed

When it comes to raw, in-your-face wildness, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are incredible – and from the vantage of our rugged overland adventure vehicle (OAV), even more spectacular. Witness traditional dancing, explore the Okavango Delta with a game walk and bush camping, track rhinos on foot in Zimbabwe’s Matobo National Park, and capture the Big Five (with your camera, of course) in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Camping will keep you close to the incomparable scenery. This quick tour isn't simply a taste of Africa; it's a full-course meal – with seconds.

$65 Food & drink

Zimbabwean Dinner, Dancing and Bongo Drums Evening at Boma in Victoria Falls

Immerse yourself in Zimbabwean culture during a 4-hour buffet dinner at 'The Boma – Place of Eating' at Victoria Falls. The award-winning restaurant offers more than just a dining experience; it assails your senses with the sights and sounds of Zimbabwe, too. Watch Amakwezi dancers, have your face painted and hair braided and listen to a storyteller. There's even the opportunity to have your future told by the resident witch doctor before the the evening’s finale – a bongo drumming bonanza; it’s the perfect evening out for all the family! Start your evening with a hotel pickup from Victoria Falls, and then travel to ‘The Boma – Place of Eating,’ the locally renowned restaurant that offers an unforgettable cultural experience. After greeting you at the door, your hosts will dress you in chitenges (robes), invite you to take part in a traditional hand-washing ceremony and show you to your seat.Then, grab a drink and feast on a Zimbabwean banquet fit for a tribal king, enjoying four courses of mouthwatering buffet fare. The menu varies, but it often features treats such as campfire soup, game stews, salads and barbequed meat and vegetables. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some of the more obscure dishes; the Mopani worms are said to be a signature dish!While you eat, revel in the entertainment taking place around you, seeing traditional Amakwezi dancers flitting between tables in time to beating music. Stories are recounted from the sangoma (storyteller), and a witch doctor is on hand if you decide you want your fortune read. Local artisans selling quality carvings and clothing also work the floor, and it’s a great opportunity to buy authentic, handmade souvenirs to take home. Your face can be painted and hair braided, if you wish, too!After your meal comes the evening’s grand finale: the Zambezi drumbeat performance. Sit back and watch the experts on their bongo drums, or join in; the choice is yours, and there are enough drums for everyone! Your evening then finishes with a hotel drop-off at Victoria Falls.

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Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park Package

Enjoy these two major tourist destinations in southern Africa. It is a package that allows you to explore and experience activities in Victoria falls, whilst also viewing game viewing in Chobe national Park.

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Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park Package

This trip features Victoria falls and the largest national park of Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park.

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Victoria Falls To Okavango Delta Tour

Victoria falls to Okavango Delta via Chobe featuring some of the major tourists destinations in Southern Africa.