Trees in front of Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe

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Victoria Falls National Park

Top choice in Victoria Falls (town)

Here on the Zimbabwe side of the falls you're in for a real treat. Some two-thirds of Victoria Falls are located here, including the main falls themselves, which flow spectacularly year-round. The walk is along the top of the gorge, following a path with various viewing points that open up to extraordinary front-on panoramas of these world-famous waterfalls.

One of the most dramatic spots is the westernmost point known as Cataract View (just before you reach the David Livingstone statue), where steps lead down to outlooks of Devil's Cataract, a dramatic view of the falls often accompanied by a rainbow prism effect. Heading back eastwards takes you past multiples viewing points of the main falls, where you'll witness the drama with full 180 degree views. Another track leads to the aptly named Danger Point, where a sheer, unfenced 100m drop-off will rattle your nerves. From there, you can follow a side track for a view of the Victoria Falls Bridge.

If you're here in April, you'll need to hire a raincoat and umbrella just inside the gates – you will get soaked! During a full moon (and just before and after), the park opens again in the evenings in order for visitors to see the amazing lunar rainbow; tickets cost an extra US$10.

The falls are located around 1km from the town centre (just before the border to Zambia) crossing, so you can easily walk here.

Payment is accepted in US dollars, euro, pound and rand, as well as Mastercard and Visa. At the entrance there's a series of detailed information boards, and a decent souvenir shop selling a good selection of cultural books. Here there's also the quality Rainforest Cafe, which is a good spot for food or a drink.

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