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Zambia, Malawi & Mozambique

Zambia's wildlife and waterfalls, Malawi's lake and mountains, Mozambique's islands and beaches. Each country has its own personality. Focus on exploring one, or sample a bit of all three.


Zambia's wildlife-filled plains are legendary, from South Luangwa National Park in the southeast to Kafue National Park in the west. With their remoteness, species diversity and fine network of camps, the country's protected areas offer outstanding wildlife watching for those willing to meet the challenge of getting there and around. While Mozambique and Malawi aren't typically "Big Five" destinations, they also offer wildlife watching. Highlights include Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park, which is also a prime birding destination, and Malawi's Liwonde National Park, with its hippos and crocs.


Astoundingly diverse and beautiful landscapes captivate visitors at every turn. A highlight is Zambia's thundering Victoria Falls, one of the continent's iconic images and a Unesco World Heritage Site. Whether you raft the rapids or stand on the spray-misted sidelines, the wildness, power and magnificence of the falls are unforgettable. Along the coast, the azure waters surrounding the islands of Mozambique's Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos are mesmerizing. Inland, marvel at the mist-covered peaks of Mt Mulanje in Malawi and the vast tracts of bush bordering the Zambezi River in southern Zambia.


Mozambique's coastline is one of Africa's longest and most alluring, from the windswept dunes of Ponta d'Ouro to the languid archipelagos and palm-fringed beaches of the far north. There are countless islands, including magical Mozambique Island and enchanting Ibo. The country's history and culture are tied to the sea, and most visitors spend their time along the coast, traveling from one beach or island to the next. Inland, the golden sands of Lake Malawi, with their backdrop of lush mountains rising up from the lakeshore, are a fixture in Southern African travel itineraries.


Wherever you go, immerse yourself in the everyday beauty, realities and vibrancy of Southern African life and take advantage of opportunities for community-based tourism. In English-speaking Zambia and Malawi, local culture is often readily accessible, and both countries offer a wealth of cultural-tourism activities. In Mozambique, the pulsating rhythms of marrabenta are legendary. Maputo's excellent dance and cultural scenes, complemented by local walking tours, provide a good jumping-off point for getting acquainted with this and other musical styles. Throughout, it will be encounters with Zambians, Malawians and Mozambicans that will make your visit to the region unforgettable.

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