Ho Chi Minh Museum

Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Image by Peter Stuckings Getty Images

Nicknamed the ‘Dragon House’ (Nha Rong), this former customs house was built by the French authorities in 1863. The museum houses many of Ho Chi Minh’s personal effects, including some of his clothing, his sandals and spectacles. On the waterfront, just across Ben Nghe Channel from District 1, the museum is easily reached on foot by heading south along the river on Ð Ton Duc Thang and crossing the bridge.

Otherwise, it covers the story of the man born Nguyen Tat Thanh – from his childhood to his political awakening, his role in booting out the French and leading North Vietnam, and his death in 1969 – mainly through photographs (captioned in Vietnamese and English).

The link between Ho Chi Minh and the museum building is tenuous: 21-year-old Ho, having signed on as a stoker and galley boy on a French freighter, left Vietnam from here in 1911 and began 30 years of exile in France, the Soviet Union, China and elsewhere.