Wahington D.C., USA

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Union Station

Washington, DC

DC's main rail hub, a 1907 beaux-arts beauty designed by Daniel Burnham, is an eye popper. The Grand Concourse is patterned after the Roman Baths of Diocletian and is awash in marble and gold filigree. Besides being an architectural gem, the station features an arcade of beyond-the-norm shops and fast-food restaurants. At the time of research, plans were underway to expand the rail concourse, upgrade the shopping mall and develop a mixed-use space over the rail yard.

More than 90,000 visitors and commuters pass through the busy station daily. When walking around the main hall, take a moment to check out the legionnaire statues atop the arches that span the entrances and exits. Although shields are strategically placed across their waists, the guys' man-bits are visible. They are supposed to be anatomically correct, but rumor holds that only one was built that way.

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