Bennington Battle Monument

Southern Vermont

Commemorating the Battle of Bennington, a crucial American Revolutionary War battle fought near here in 1777, Vermont's loftiest structure offers an unbeatable 360-degree view of the countryside with peeks at covered bridges and across to New York. And you won't have to strain hamstrings climbing this 306ft-tall obelisk: an elevator whisks you painlessly to the top.

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1. Old First Church

0.41 MILES

Gracing the center of Old Bennington, this historic church was built in 1805 in Palladian style. Its churchyard holds the remains of five Vermont…

2. Bennington Museum

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Bennington's standout attraction, this museum features the world’s largest public collections of Grandma Moses paintings and Bennington pottery, along…

3. Laumeister Art Center

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Half a mile west of Bennington's Old First Church, this arts center has a hodgepodge of offerings, including the Great Outdoors gallery of wind sculptures…

4. Robert Frost Stone House Museum

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When he moved his family to Shaftsbury (4 miles north of Bennington), poet Robert Frost was 46 years old and at the height of his career. This modest…

5. Park-McCullough House Museum

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Just off VT 67A in North Bennington, this magnificent 35-room mansion, built in 1865, is filled with period furnishings and a fine collection of antique…

6. Bennington Battlefield Historic Site

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Just west of the Vermont/New York border, this was the site of a crucial American Revolutionary War battle in 1777. Had Colonel Seth Warner and Vermont's …

7. Williams College

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8. Williams College Museum of Art

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In the center of town is this worthwhile – and free! – art museum. It has a collection of some 15,000 pieces, with substantial works by notables such as…